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Arena Saddles

About Arena Saddles

For everyday comfort, a great economical price and a balanced riding position choose an Arena Saddle. Thanks to its stunning design and meticulous attention to detail, you'll turn heads in any Arena saddle while being confident that your saddle is comfortable for both you and your horse. Whether you're riding the local trails or training in the arena, you'll feel encouraged by the terrific feel the saddle gives you, the quality of full grain leather top for the price and the absolute comfort and balance the Arena saddle puts you in .

Arena Saddles is a brand within the Bates umbrella. Technology, quality, and support from the standpoint of a rider while still preserving your cash! Arena Saddles benefit from the HART SYSTEM, which combines three different saddle fitting procedures. The gullet system, shimming system, and CAIR panels are all easy to alter.

Any Arena saddle will make you feel right at home, as it was meticulously built with your and your horse's comfort in mind.

Arena Saddles are elegantly fashioned with painstaking attention to detail and classically constructed from European leather, making them ideal for the discerning rider.

Whether you're participating in dressage, jumping a difficult course, or trail riding, there's an Arena saddle that's right for you.

Sizes and Gullets

Your standard model Arena Saddle will come with a medium gullet already fitted. Other specific models such as the high wither Arena Saddle or Wide Model Arena Saddle will come with different gullets. Are you unsure on which model will best suit your horse? please get in contact with us and we will be sure to find the Arena Saddle that best suits your horse.

What is available in the range from Arena Saddles?

Aussie Saddlery offers the full range of Arena Saddles including the high wither and wide models. We have in stock ready to be posted or tried in store,

Arena Dressage Saddles

Arena Jump Saddles

Arena All Purpose Saddles 

We also have ex demo model saddles frequently for sale!


Arena Saddles Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship Arena Saddles to the U.S.A?

Yes, we do ship to America on a weekly basis. We can actually can ship anywhere in the world to you. We have fabulous customers in Hong Kong Singapore all around the USA , the UK and New Zealand. This can be easily arranged by contacting us for a postage quote.

Do you have any second hand Arena Saddles for sale?

We currently only have brand new stock available for sale from Arena Saddles. Occasionally we may have ex-demo versions available. Be sure to check out our website for details.

What is the most popular Arena Saddles model?

Always personal preference but the jump saddle has been our best seller!! The Arena Jump Saddle is such a great quality, affordable saddle with so many options. To check out the saddle in action head over to our Instagram page where our Social Media Ambassadors review the Arena Jump Saddle.