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Syd Hill Saddles

About Syd Hill & Sons Saddles


Syd Hill Saddles is Australia's most well-known stock saddle manufacturer. Since 1887, they've been creating saddles. Their saddles are made of high-quality leather, and all of their goods are handcrafted. They're available in a variety of styles to fit the needs of you and your horse, so you're sure to discover one that's right for you! Syd Hill have recently added to their range with the Gibson rough out and the changeable gullet versions of the half breed leather and the swinging fender saddle are also available in a changeable gullet. Why a changeable gullet these days? The ability to fit this horse and then the next means that you choose a saddle right for you and we can fit it to your horse as well as the next horse you purchase too. It means comfort for your horse at all times with no sacrifice for your comfort.

Syd Hill Synthetic Stock saddles are now also available in a changeable as well as the non changeable cheaper version. There is a half breed which is a stock saddle with a western style seat  or a swinging fender stock saddle. Both of theses saddles are available in black and brown and in stock ready to go! Comfortable light weight and easy to look after saddles at an amazing price.

Syd Hill saddles are highly regarded by riders for their comfort, durability, and versatility. They continue to be a popular choice for riders who require a reliable and comfortable saddle for their work or recreational riding. Syd Hill as a brand has been around for generations and so being so well known also gives your saddle great resale if you do decide to purchase a new one.

Our Commitment

When you purchase a Syd Hill Saddle from Aussie Saddlery, you won't be dissatisfied because they are long-lasting and offer unparalleled riding comfort. The traditional look of the Syd Hill & Sons Stock Saddles is something that we are proud of and have tried to keep as authentically true to the brand itself.  Now is the time to look over our website to pick the best one for you. We'll do everything we can to get you what you need as we pride ourselves on customer service and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Syd Hill & Sons is one of Australia's oldest and most respected stock saddle suppliers. Their premium stock saddles are noted for the high-quality materials they employ.

What is available in the range from Syd Hill?

Swinging fender saddles and conventional stock saddles are all available from Syd Hill Saddles. Syd Hill Saddles have also developed new modern designs in the way of Premium Adjustable leather half breed saddles. The new Gibson is also proving incredibly popular .They also have synthetic options in all the styles making new Syd Hill Saddles affordable for all budgets.

Sizes of Gullets

All Syd Hill Saddle styles have different gullet sizes to suit different types and shapes of horses. If you are unsure what will suit your horse, please get in contact with us for advice. We stock all gullet plates for Syd Hill and can adjust your saddle or show you how to. Horses can change shape and so it may be necessary to alter your saddle if this occurs.

Syd Hill Saddles Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship Syd Hill Saddles to New Zealand? Yes, we do ship to New Zealand on a weekly basis. We can actually can ship anywhere in the world to you. This can be easily arranged by contacting us for a quote. We can also arrange for a Paypal invoice for the postage to make it easier for you. We always insure the saddles to make sure they arrive to you in the best condition.

Do you have any second hand Syd Hill saddles for sale that are in good condition? We currently only have brand new stock available for sale from Syd Hill. Occasionally we may have ex-demo versions available. Be sure to check out our website for details.

Do you have any Syd Hill Dressage Saddles in stock? Yes!! Syd Hill have recently starting manufacturing dressage and jump saddles again. These are fully adjustable and a great price. Check out the website for details. 

Are Syd Hill Saddles adjustable? Many of the Syd Hill Saddle models are adjustable. The premium range of Syd Hill saddles are all adjustable which includes the Australian Stock style saddle, the swinging fender stock saddle and the half breed. These all have interchangeable gullet plates that can be adjusted by Aussie Saddlery prior to leaving the store or posting out to you.  Models that are not adjustable are the Syd Hill Synthetic range which includes the stock saddles and synthetic half breeds. The Syd Hill Synthetic stock saddles are suited to a medium fit horse which is typical to the TB or stock horse type. The Syd Hill half breed is also not adjustable and fits a medium wide to wide horse typically the flatter backed type horses with less wither. 

Where are Syd Hill Saddles made? Syd Hill and Sons is still an Australian owned company and the family continue to have input into their designs and manufacturing process.