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Tekna Saddles

About Tekna Saddles

Tekna, which was founded in 2008, provides top-of-the-line synthetic saddles that are well-fitting for both riders and horses.

The QUIK-CLEANTM Tekna synthetic fabrics have a leather-like appearance, are breathable, durable, and easy to maintain.

Tekna Saddles have come forward with leading designs like the Tekna Half Breed Saddles which offers adjustability to your saddle. For many years, we have waited for a design like this to help adjust to many more different horses and finally it is here. At Aussie Saddlery, we stock a full range of the Tekna Half Breed Saddles with adjustable gullet. We also highly recommend the Tekna Half Breed Adjustable gullet with stirrup bars. This unique design is leading the way in safety as the fenders of this saddle will detach off the stirrup bars in the event of a fall. Most fender saddles have the fenders threaded through and attached to the tree of the saddle making them impossible to come loose without undoing. The Tekna Half Breed with adjustable gullet on stirrup bars offers this design from 14" to 18" so every rider has the choice to ride safe.