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Wintec Saddles

About Wintec Saddles

Wintec Saddles has always made riding simple and enjoyable for all riders, regardless of ability. So it's simple to see why Wintec is the world's number one synthetic saddle brand, combining world-leading innovations and hi-tech materials in lightweight, weatherproof, and easy-care saddles. The Wintec collection features cutting-edge designs as well as new standards in fit, comfort, and performance for both horse and rider.

It is impossible to comprehend the bond that exists between horse and rider unless you have experienced it first-hand. It's what motivates Wintec to ensure your horse's complete comfort when riding.

Imagine a saddle that can improve your riding while also providing your horse with ultimate comfort and flexibility of movement now and in the future.

Discover what you can do in a saddle with the capacity to change your position, your horse's range of motion, and your connection's adjustability over time.

Both the horse and the rider have benefited from HART's technology.

In a saddle with HART, you're in good hands.

All new Wintec Saddles display the HART badge with honour and you can be assured, HART is looking after your horse's best interests. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Wintec Saddles

Do you ship Wintec Saddles to New Zealand?

Yes we do!! In fact, Aussie Saddlery ships Wintec saddles anywhere in the world from USA to Europe and Asia such as Japan and Singapore. If you would like to get a post quote on sending internationally, please get in contact with us by emailing us at

All saddles are sent with end to end tracking and insurance so you can be rest assured, your Wintec Saddle will arrive safely to you, wherever you are in the world.


How do I clean a Wintec Saddle?

The Wintec saddles are simple to care for and maintain. That is the beauty of the Wintec Saddle. All you do is Wet the saddle's surface, then use Wintec cleaning or a mild detergent diluted in water to clean it before wiping it off with a moist towel. To remove tough stains or grime from Equi-Suede, use a small firm bristles brush, such as a fingernail brush. Allow the saddle to dry out of direct sunshine after rinsing it with water. 



Are Wintec Saddles Lightweight?

Wintec Saddles are incredibly light. This is another advantage to the Wintec Saddles range. Depending on which model you get, most of the saddles are a lot lighter than your traditional saddle. This is due to the superior materials that are used in every Wintec Saddle. Some modelssuch as the Wintec Pro Endurance Saddle and Winteclite are even more cutting edge technology as they are usually used on endurance rides or long trail rides so they need to be super light on the horses back. 


Can I take my horse swimming in my Wintec Saddle?

Yes, of course you can. Your Wintec Saddle will not be harmed by water; however it is important to rinse it with fresh water following any swimming in salt water and dry it out in sunlight.


Can I have my Wintec Saddle fitted to my horse? How do I know if the saddle will fit my horse?

Aussie Saddlery offers a unique service for horse saddle fitting at our Central Coast, NSW store. You are welcome to bring your horse to the store and enjoy our fully enclosed, saddle fitting yard where you can try on all our saddle options you desire. We offer a full fitting service for both rider and horse so you are sure when purchasing that the saddle you have chosen is the right one for you. All adjustments will be made on site and checked against your horses measurements to ensure it is fitting correctly before leaving the store.

We also offer fitting adjustments such as gullet changing and panel adjustments. Please contact us to discuss how Aussie Saddlery can help with your saddle fitting.


What size gullet will come with my brand new Wintec Saddle?

All standard model Wintec Saddles will come with the medium sized (black colour) gullet.

Specific models such as the high wither model will come with a medium narrow (green colour) gullet. These models are designed for your narrower typed horses such as Thoroughbreds that typically have high withers. Either way, Wintec Saddles will have a saddle that can be adjusted to optimally fit your horse.

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Why buy from Aussie Saddlery?

We have been a recognised dealer of the year in the last 2 years with Wintec and Saddlery Brands International. Our customer service and reliability of fast postage as well as the whole teams product knowledge is why you should buy from Aussie Saddlery . Not to mention the best prices as Saddle quality and correct choice is paramount but always give us a call or email if you need a price match and great service.