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Tips for Getting Whites Even Brighter

Tips for Getting Whites Even Brighter

Anyone with a horse that has a white tail will know of the struggle to get your horses tail white and to keep it white. There are many products out there that claim to make your horse’s tail magically bright but what really works. The answer is relatively simple.

Firstly, the mane and tail need to be covered all the time. Mares in particular are bad for staining tails with urine but a tail bag will help keep the tail covered and lessen the contact with outside staining agents.

Second, regular wash with Glo-White Purple Shampoo. I like to use this as an everyday shampoo but diluted right down. Before your big event, use a more concentrated amount to bring the colour up. Be careful to wash it out thoroughly as if left on it can catch the colour. Repeat the concentrated wash a couple of times if needed.


Thirdly, on your show day use the Challenge white chalk block through the tail. Go right from the center of the dock to the end of the strand all through the tail. Brush out the excess dust afterwards. This just helps the bring the colour up a little.


After years of practice, I can safely say, the results speak for themselves!!!


White Socks

The best way to get white socks is also really simple. For best results, clip out the sock so the hair is really short. Then use the Champion Tails White cover cream.


This is the best coverage, easy to spread and lasts all day. Only a thin layer is required for ultimate white socks.