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Kieffer Saddles

About Kieffer Saddles

The headquarters for Kieffer saddles is in Munich, Germany and the majority of Kieffer saddles are painstakingly handcrafted there. From the selection of their quality calfskin leather and  materials to the final touch, every working process exemplifies Bavarian craftsmanship with a passion for detail in every way.


Kieffer Saddles have elite performance and benefits in their technology.

Kieffer saddle trees are made of high-quality, glass fibre reinforced synthetic material and fitted with a soft, permanently elastic seat covering. In case of emergency, the recessed stirrup bars ensure a safe opening even after years of use.

Quality characteristics:

*Individual adjustment & optimal fit

*Innovative gullet plate

*High elasticity & flexibility


*5-year warranty against breakage of the saddle tree
saddle tree 'Exclusive' with integrated gullet plate

This development in saddle trees improves riding comfort, especially in the seat area, while also increasing safety.

Gullet plate and stirrup bar form a unification made of high-quality steel which is inset in the upper area of the saddle tree. This system exclusively patented by Kieffer, leads the stirrup bar closer to the saddle tree – the result is a narrower pommel and more seating comfort in the front part of the saddle.


The "Exclusive" saddle tree model's incorporated gullet plate makes it much easier to adapt the saddle tree to the horse, whether you're buying a new saddle or need to do so because the animal's muscles or diet have changed. The saddle is simply installed into the Kieffer modification bench and made thinner or broader by cold processing in order to match the saddle tree.

The fact that the stirrup bar cannot actually escape from this arrangement is another benefit.

Sharp turns may now be avoided since the gullet plate is now above the saddle tree rather than below it as is customary. To avoid jamming the withers, the gullet plate does not distort into a V shape when a saddle tree with a narrow set is used on a horse with a slender body type. Instead, it maintains its rounded shape.

Particularly significant is the fact that the saddle tree doesn't bend since the pressure from mounting the horse is spread uniformly over the whole saddle tree thanks to the smooth connection between the gullet plate and stirrup bar. The rider's seat may tilt as a result of the saddle tree deforming, which would obviously be bad for both the rider and the horse. Saddle tree deformation happens in many saddles over time.


The saddle tree model "Exclusive" enables an easy fit for a new saddle purchase and assists in saddle tree modification that may be required owing to the horse's muscular growth or a change in ownership thanks to its integrated gullet plate. The saddle is simply installed into the Kieffer modification bench and made thinner or broader by cold processing in order to match the saddle tree.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Kieffer Saddles


Do you ship Kieffer Saddles to New Zealand?

Yes we sure can!! We can actually can ship anywhere in the world to you. This can be easily arranged by contacting us for a quote.


I have an old Kieffer Saddle. Can you adjust this or how do i know if my Kieffer Saddle is adjustable?

Chances are if your Kieffer is an older style, it does not have "exclusive" tree which is adjustable by us at Aussie Saddlery. All new style Keffer's have the Exclusive tree which is fully adjustable by our cold press machine in store. If you are unsure how old your saddle is or if it is able to be adjusted, you can find out by locating the serial on your saddle which is usually printed onto or underneath a flap. This unique ID number called the serial number can be traced by Kieffer Saddles to identify it's specifics.

Can Aussie Saddlery adjust my brand new Kieffer Saddle when i purchase from you?

Yes of course!! When you buy a Kieffer Saddle from Aussie Saddlery it comes with a customer lifetime guarantee for store adjustments.