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Queensland Itch and Itchy Horses

If you have an itchy horse that constantly scratches just remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Horse with Queensland itch, rain scald , dermatitis and non-specific skin conditions are very common and every day we talk to customers in store about how to manage their horses ailments and keep them comfortable.

There are hundreds of treatments out there that are formulated to help skin conditions and customer feedback instore about what has been trialed and tested to actually work helps us be able to advise our customers on what may work for their horse.

In theory, there are two ways of treating the horse for itch; internally and externally. It is important to get a head start on itch during the colder months when there is less irritation and easier to manage before it gets humid in the hot seasons. Keep your horse rugged at all times. Often horses with extreme cases of itch are seen to be rugged from head to tail 24/7. This allows the skin to have no contact with biting insects, pollens and irritating plants and access to rub the skin directly on something that will flare up an itch breakout. Keep the horse cool and avoid sweating as this can lead to bacteria growing and causing skin irritation.

One product we have found that helps keep the horse covered from head to tail is the Wild Horse Treated insect repellent rug, hood and ears all in one. This Wild Horse Australia product utilises Insect Shield® Patented technology process to tightly bond Permethrin to the fabric. These products help to provide optimum protection all year round, from Permethrin sensitive, disease carrying insects. They are approved by the EPA & the World Health Organisation to last through 25 detergent washed or six months full time weathering. The protection is odourless so it will not affect your horses sensitive sense of smell. It is Insect protection that remains in your horse rug, not in your horse. Insects can bite through around or under standard fabrics. This product offers long term Insect Protection.


Other external treatments for itch are of course shampoos, creams, fly sprays, oils and the list goes on!!!! Unfortunately there is no treatment that works for every horse. A lot depends on what the skin condition is and some treatments will work better for different horses. In saying that though, we can give our top recommendations from in store that have been tested by our customers and know work from the feedback we get. The best are

Donnybrook Hoof Skin Repair Wash 1 litre


A natural approach to treating skin disorders this combines triple strength apple cider vinegar that is all natural, green friendly and easy to use. Diluted into water it is left on the horse to promote new hair growth and soothe affected areas. Customers have also told us that used at full strength; ticks are also backing off their horses.


Permetrol 250ml


For the control of Pyrethroid-sensitive flies: Buffalo Fly, Stable Fly and biting insects on horses. For the control of fleas and ticks on dogs. An aid in the treatment of Flea Allergy Dermatitis on dogs and Queensland Itch on horses. A very safe product that is mixed together with water and sprayed all over the body. Safe to use every day. Our tips when using this product; spray all your rugs before putting on the horse. This acts as another barrier for insects such as ticks and flies.

Medicated Gel Shampoo

Aids in the control of skin conditions and naturally repels midges and other biting insects known to cause Queensland Itch.

Can safely be used daily when serious skin conditions are being managed. At other times, simply use as your regular preparation horse shampoo. Active Ingredients: Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Citronella Oil.

This product has been raved about in store and has been regularly selling out as it comes in. A price that can't be beat for a 5 litre shampoo !!!!


When it comes to talking about treating the horse internally, there are a number of things you can do to ease the itch from inside the horse. Feeding is important. Stay away from high energy foods if possible that can cause heating (hot horses) such as grains. This can cause a reaction within the horse to itch, kind of like sugar can cause acne in humans. There are 2 internal supplements that we sell here at Aussie Saddlery that we recommend and our customers recommend. These are,

QI Ease

One product that contains a blend of organic zinc, amino acid and yeast extracts to address the above key issues typical of an itchy horse is QI Ease developed, trialed and tested by Wattlelane Stables.



There has been a lot of feedback on the benefits of feeding horses turmeric. May be used in horses, livestock and companion animals for the alleviation of:

  • Skin allergies and sarcoids
  • Circulation and blood flow
  • Inflammation of joints and muscles

This unique golden powder blend combines all the natural benefits of turmeric, coconut oil, ground black pepper and Equitec Performance Products’ star ingredient Resveratrol, in a convenient and easy to use powdered supplement form.