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Australian Saddles

Australian Saddles- The Traditional Australian Saddle

Australian stock saddles are known all over the world for being the most comfortable and secure saddles in the world. It is easy to see why the rest of the world loves our Australian Saddle designs as they offer support for riders in the seat all day long with comfort and durability of the upmost importance. Aussie Saddlery’s stock saddles all offer a deep seat and high cantle and traditional “wings” (knee pad support at the front of the saddle) for the greatest security when riding. Australian Stock Saddles are always first choice for farmers, driving cattle, inexperienced riders or trainers working with young horses that may experience some rough riding. Compared to most English saddles, the Australian Stock Saddle offers far more support and security and it comes in many brands and designs to fit you and your horses needs.

Australian stock saddles are a type of saddle designed for use in stock work, such as mustering, droving, and other tasks associated with the Australian bush. They are also used in Australian horse racing and endurance riding.

Australian stock saddles typically have a deep seat, high cantle, and a occasionally a horn but normally just have a pommel at the front. The high cantle and deep seat provide security and comfort for the rider when riding in rough terrain or when working with cattle. 

The design of Australian stock saddles varies depending on the intended use. Some saddles have a flat flap and traditional seat and are designed for long-distance riding, while others have a more angled seat and a swinging fender stirrup set up allowing for more leg movement for up and down hills and are also designed for faster work and quicker stopping. Original Aussie stock saddles where typically made of leather and can be quite heavy. Now Stock saddles are available in leather or synthetic with or without a swinging fender. This makes Australian stock saddles to be highly versatile. They are popular with stockmen and horsemen in Australia and around the world.

The most familiar style is the Traditional Australian Stock Saddle which we often refer to as a “straight stock”, "poley saddle" or “original stock saddle”. These have a flap close to the look of an English Saddle and many customers of ours who are considering buying a stock saddle for the first time will choose this model, as it is like that of their past as an English rider. The deep seat still allows the rider to sit comfortably in the seat and maintain the traditional shoulder, hip, knee toe fundamental position but with the added security of the wings at the front for balance and position. You can still use normal English style leathers if you prefer on these plain flap saddles or you can choose to use stock style stirrup leathers that buckle towards your ankle to avoid sitting on buckles and getting a pinching feeling when you ride. Aussie Saddlery stock a variety sizes from 11” kids stock saddles to 18” Men’s sizes. You can chose from either a leather stock saddle like the Bates Kimberly or a synthetic like the Wintec Pro Stock saddle pictured below which are so easy to care for, lightweight and all round a great value for money stock saddle.



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Australian Stock Saddles with Swinging Fenders

The Australian Stock Saddle design with the swinging fender is another popular modern model of saddle which has the swinging fender rather than just a plain flap. This model also has the oxbow stirrup iron. The swinging fender stock saddle has all the benefits of the original, but the swinging fender allows more leg movement for the rider. The forward movement of the swinging fender puts the rider in a comfortable arm chair position which allows them to sit back in the seat and relax. These models are popular with many trail riders and drovers who are in the seat all day and want maximum comfort.

At Aussie Saddlery you can chose from a synthetic stock swinging fender saddle or leather. The Syd Hill Australian Stock Swinging Fender leather saddle picture below is known for its ultimate rider comfort with the gel insert seat within making long rides relaxing.


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Half Breed Saddle & Swinging Fender Saddles

Half breed Saddles are the modern take on a hybrid saddle which crosses the Australian Stock Saddle with the Traditional Western Saddle.

The Half breed saddle is the best of both worlds mixed together. The Half breed saddle is more compact than your western saddle where the skirt is much shorter but is still flat in the seat like a western. It has the wings or “knee pads” at the front of the saddle and swinging fender like your stock saddle and is more compact. Typically, this style of saddle fits larger, heavier set horses such as typically shaped quarter horses or horses very flat in top line. However, some models such as the Tekna half breed saddle below have been modernised even further to include an adjustable gullet to fit narrower types of horses better.

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Australian Saddles For Sale

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