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Product Overview

Bates Kimberley Half Breed Saddle 

 Now available in small, medium and large sizes!!

A new age has begun in the production of half breed saddles, and it promises comfort that horses will respond to right away.
Riders will enjoy unrivalled intimate touch, comfort that lasts throughout the day, incredible connection, and unrivalled stability, all of which will be unlocked by the option to fine-tune their saddle fit. The large soft padding will be appreciated by your horse. The ability to comfort fit each horse individually makes this saddle a first in the half breed saddles currently available.

We are pleased to introduce the Bates® Kimberley Half Breed Saddle , which has high-performance technology to provide unrivalled connection and comfort. Riders will experience a new era of comfort and feel as though they are riding in real harmony when they use half breed saddles.

Riders that place a premium on close connection and harmony in their horsemanship frequently choose to ride in half breed saddles and this the Bates Kimberley Half breed saddle makes for the closest connection between horse and rider.

Your horse will benefit from the saddle panel with an unusually broad footprint that can spread pressure and a spacious and uniform chamber that can protect their spine. Spreading weight across the horses back makes for genuine comfort for all day riding for your horse. The rider has support provided by the poley pads on the rider's thigh, this makes the rider have a very secure seat, and the moulded fender around the rider's leg will allow riders to ride with a relaxed confidence. Everyone, regardless of whether they come from a background in stock, western, or English riding, will feel right at home in the Bates® Kimberley Half Breed.

These principles are at the heart of our primary promise of saddle innovation, which is to provide a genuine enhancement to the satisfaction of both the horse and the rider. Every horse should be allowed the opportunity to mature and develop under saddle to their fullest potential while receiving the utmost level of comfort. The utilisation of HART by riders who use half breed saddles has the potential to transform the way in which they experience the level of comfort they receive while riding, thereby liberating the partnership's complete potential. Saddle fitters, retailers, and riders have been waiting for a long time for this sister saddle to our Bates® Kimberley, and what a delight it is to see if finally on the market.
It has never felt more enjoyable to ride across magnificent scenery for an entire day.

The panel is able to minimise the overall weight pressure thanks to the extraordinarily huge footprint that it leaves on their horse's back. The saddle is Contoured in such a way as to gently taper pressure on to and away from the horse's muscles in order to optimise the space around the horse's withers and shoulder. Each horse will have full range of their natural movement thanks to the dynamic air cushioning that the saddle provides. The saddle is also a Low profile, which serves to optimise the saddle's stability and positions the rider for close and harmonious touch with the horse. It is a  saddle that works with you and your horse rather than being bulky and getting in the way .

 As the pressure is distributed evenly along the entire length of the saddle panels, it is possible to achieve enormous benefits for the tree to fit the horse successfully. This allows Super stability, which helps to eliminate any propensity for the back of the saddle to rise up. This girthing system, when properly adjusted for each individual horse, results in an extraordinary benefit for the horse and emphasises clear communication between the horse and the rider.

The Bates® Kimberley Half Breed achieves unmatched standards of excellence in both product design and manufacturing.

The Bates Kimberley Half Breed Saddle has an extraordinary focus on both detail and thought, which shines through in each and every design aspect, and with an execution that is understated. It has been constructed with lightweight oxbows, stainless steel stirrup bars, and belvin buckles to provide additional assurance in its strength and longevity. No cost has been spared in this endeavour to ensure that it will withstand the test of time. These saddles are crafted with the highest-quality leather available anywhere in the world. As a result, they offer an exceptional level of grip while still providing a comfortable riding experience. The details of an embedded D rings give an amazing detailed finish but also means the breastplates do not rub on your knuckles whilst riding. It is these clever details that are put together by real riders during the manufacturing and design of the NEW Bates Kimberley Half breed Saddle.

Saddles Available in black and brown as well as in medium and large sizes and in short or regular fender length.

Floor stock available all in brand new condition. 

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