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Usually, most horses are advised to worm using an equine worming paste every 6-8 weeks. It is important you develop a sustainable worming program for your own property. Horses coming in and out of your paddocks will affect the types of worms that are bought into your horses pasture. Effective worm control, combined with correct pasture management, will protect the health of your horses.

When looking for the correct worming paste that is right for your horse it is important to take note of the active ingredients which will treat different sorts of worms. It can be hard to know which worms you are treating therefore, some people like to use different brands on occasion to treat. A faecal egg count is a simple test that can identify what worms your horse may have need treating.

Always read the label before using any treatments. Consult advice before using is required. 

Horses weight will depend on the amount of paste being given. If you are not sure how much your horse might weigh, this simple tool will assist in estimating their weight. 

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Equest plus Tape Wormer 12.2g

Equest® Plus Tape is the only horse wormer that is long acting: re-treatment is recommended after 14-16 weeks compared to after 6-8 weeks with other wormers. This means fewer treatments per year and twice the time that pastures are left free of worm eggs.



Razor Equine Wormer 30ml

Razor Equine Wormer is a broad-spectrum worming paste that is up to 100% effective in treating all major internal parasites in horses. It is great value for money as one tube will treat up to 2 x 600kg horses.