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Bates Saddles

About Bates Saddles

Bates Saddles are among the most advanced horse saddles in the world.

The makers behind Bates Saddles are driven by a philosophy of true saddle innovation and focused on horse comfort and performance. Bates is a multigenerational saddle fitting and manufacturing business. Ron Bates and his family have been at the forefront of synergistically combining manufacturing new and world renowned technology with old school values and sensibility when it comes to fitting and working with horses. Valued professionals such as Isabel Wirth have had a huge input into what actually does and does not work when riding in a Bates saddle and then designing the models that work. 

The best hand-selected European leather is used in every Bates Saddle. You can be sure that the leather in your Bates Saddles is the greatest in the world and will provide many years of outstanding service if properly maintained.

There are three different varieties of leather used in Bates Saddles.

Luxe Leather

Opulence Leather

Heritage Leather

Depending on what model of Bates Saddle you have, one of these three leather variations will of been used to create your saddle. Proper care is crucial to maximising the performance of your Bates saddle as its life is reliant on maintaining a certain level of moisture in the leather. Bates Saddles have developed  a fantastic leather balsam which helps maintain the leather and preserve it. It is recommended that all new Bates Saddles are liberally dressed with Bates Leather Balsam initially and allowed to penetrate overnight. Regular weekly maintenance or when needed will preserve the lifetime of your saddle. Old school slathering on oil is no longer recommended as this diminishes the integrity of the beautiful full grain leathers. 

A well fitting saddle is essential to your horse’s comfort, welfare and general health. Bates Saddles featuring the revolutionary EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution offer the highest flexibility for achieving an optimal fit and the ultimate performance for your horse.

Aussie Saddlery can saddle fit and adjust your new Bates saddle in store. Please give us a call to book your appointment with one of our certified saddler fitters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bates Saddles 


Do you ship Bates Saddles to America?

Yes we do!! In fact, Aussie Saddlery ships Bates saddles anywhere in the world from USA to Europe, Singapore and all around Asia, as well as to New Zealand. If you would like to get a post quote on sending internationally, please get in contact with us at

All saddles are sent with end to end tracking and insurance so you can be rest assured, your Bates Saddle will arrive safely to you, wherever you are in the world.


Can I have my Bates Saddle fitted to my horse? How do I know if the saddle will fit my horse?

Aussie Saddlery offers a unique service for horse saddle fitting at our Central Coast, NSW store. You are welcome to bring your horse to the store and enjoy our fully enclosed, saddle fitting yard where you can try on all our saddle options you desire. We offer a full fitting service for both rider and horse so you are sure when purchasing that the saddle you have chosen is the right one for you. All adjustments will be made on site and checked against your horses measurements to ensure it is fitting correctly before leaving the store.

We also offer fitting adjustments such as gullet changing and panel adjustments. Please contact us to discuss how Aussie Saddlery can help with your saddle fitting.


What size gullet will come with my brand new Bates Saddle?

All standard model Bates Saddles will come with the medium sized (black colour) gullet.

Specific models such as the high wither model will come with a medium narrow (green colour) gullet. These models are designed for your narrower typed horses such as Thoroughbreds that typically have high withers. Either way, Bates Saddles will have a saddle that can be adjusted to optimally fit your horse.

Can I use all sizes in the EASY-CHANGE gullet system in my Bates Saddle?

The Standard Bates Saddles model use the regular EASY-CHANGE gullet system which consists of sizes from narrow to extra wide. All sizes in this range can be used on standard models of the Bates Saddles.

The EASY-CHANGE WIDE gullet system range is designed for Bates Saddles that are designed as the WIDE model. It is not recommended that the gullet systems are used in models they are not designed for as they void any new saddle warranty if used.

Still not sure? Give Aussie Saddlery a call for advice. Aussie Saddlery pride themselves in providing superior customer service and advice to all customers so we would love to help you out!! One of our specialist saddle fitters is waiting to take your call.