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Horse Show Colour Pony Dye Kit

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Product Overview


World's first no ammonia colour for horses and ponies. Suits ponies 13 - 14 HH - 5"3 - 5"9

5 tubes, peroxide, tint brush, gloves, 5 litretub, tube squeezer, OIlinone, shampoo and conditioner.



How does Horse Show Colour Work?

Horse Show Colour is a no ammonia cream colour designed to enhance and evenly tone your horse or ponies coat colour.


It does so by using our trademarked tecnica haircare no ammonia permanent cream colourTM and oilinoneTM technology system to gently open the hair shaft and deposit the colour.


When you mix the tecnica no ammonia colour TM and the oilinoneTM they form a nice smooth cream consistency which is easy to apply over your horse or pony.


The oilinoneTM is designed to sit and cover the horses skin so that when the colour has finished processing the residue falls into oil and is washed away with our specially formulated Horse Show Colour Shampoo and Conditioner.


Our trademarked process ensures that the skin is free from any possible irritations making it ideal for horses or ponies with sensitive skin or concerned owners who only the demand the best.

What are the benefits and why should I buy?

The benefits of using the tecnica no ammonia colour™ and the Oilione™ are:


Tecnica no ammonia cream based colour™ and Oilione™ are specially designed for horse and ponies to work together to ensure that you andyour horse or pony should not suffer from any irritations.


Tecnica no ammonia cream based colour™ and Oilione™ allows better control of the colour over your animal so colour will not run into unwantedareas e.g: white patches, eyes or nostrils.


If you have a colour you would like us to create, please give us a call and we will do our best to find a colour that will match.


Instruction for use before you apply the colour

Before you begin you must read and conduct the following to ensure the product is used correctly and is suited for your horse or pony:

Please test prior to show or event to ensure product gives you the results you wish to achieve.

Skin Sensitivity Test All skin sensitivity tests should be carried out by law. Skin tests should be carriedout 48 hours prior to a colour. If possible, testing one week prior to event is recommended.

To test if the horse is sensitive to colour, simply apply a small amount of colour on the horses belly in between their two front legs. Leave on for 48 hours then rinse thoroughly.

If the skin becomes irritated do not use the product.

Tips for successful applications: Take your time, allow for at least 3 hours for the whole process. One hour to apply the colour properly and the other time to wash off and go over any missed areas.

Do not do a zigzag affect, try to layer the colour on stroke by stroke (like painting a wall) by applying even Pressure to the brush, once you have applied the colour massage like you are washing a car.

If possible do not apply colour in sunlight as it may dry up quickly, apply indoors then take outside to dry. Try to colour your horse or pony at least 1 week before the event, this gives you time to touch up an allows the colour to look its best on your horse or pony during the competition.

Only darken more than 3 shades darker than your horses natural colour. Start on any patches that may be resistant to colour before starting from the top of the back of the head. Allow horse or pony half an hour to cool down after being rugged, this will avoid any hotspots.

Please follow the instructions provided when colouring:

Step 1: Ensure horse is clean, some people like to wet horse and scrape downthen colour, we do not recommend the horse to be dripping wet.

Step 2: Place tecnica no ammonia colourTM in the tub, Place bottle of 10 VolPeroxide in the tub, Place 3/4 bottle of OilinoneTM into tub and mix togetheruntil they form a smooth consistency.

Use the following grid to find the right amount to mix:Horse Show Colour Mixing Ratio’s

Step 3: Start from the back of the head, use the paint brush to firmly apply colourover the horses coat and massage the colour firmly onto horse withsponge or short bristle brush.

Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas.

Step 4: Once finished on the back of the head move down the neck onto theback. Then move across the body and the legs. If you need to do the maneand tail do so in the above order from top down. Finish off at the front of thehead as the hair is finer and does not require the full time to process.

Step 5: Leave on for approx 30 minutes on body, 45 minutes on mane & tailthen rinse off with Horse Show Colour Shampoo and Conditioner on body,mane & tail.


Approx: 0 - 30 minutes - colour Top start back of head,then mane back and tail

Approx: 30 - 45 minutes - colour middle section fromright to left

Approx: 45 – 60 minutes - colour bottom section fromright to left. Finish off at the front of the head,leave on so each section has atleast 30 minutes with colour.Then rinse off with shampoo &conditioner from top down.

Tip: Add one for shine (Linseed Oil) – when your horse is dried off for brilliant show shine.



We cannot guarantee results if you horse or pony is under medication.


One Large Horse Kit application based on 16+ hand horse. Colour is designed to enhance and/or darken coats, not to change from one levelto another.

Colour may stain cloth even after the colouring process if not washed off properly.

White area application: Paint colour around horses white patches, working from the outside away fromthe star or sock, if colour accidentally runs or is placed onto the unwantedpatch, apply the remaining oilinone provided to the area and wipe off. For extraprotection, before you start the colouring process conditioner or oilinone TM to whitepatches to act as a barrier.

FIRST AID: For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre: (AUS) Ph: 13 11 26 or contact a doctor (at once). If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. If in eyes, hold eyelids apart and flush theeye continuously with running water. Continue Flushing until advised to stop bythe Poisons Information Centre or a doctor, or for at least 15 minutes. If skin orhair contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and flush skin and hair withrunning water.


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