KOHNKE'S OWN Energy Gold 2L

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Product Overview

Energy Gold

Highly Palatable, Premium Oil Supplement with added Vitamin E

Energy Gold is a premium ‘super cool’ oil and fatty acid supplement, designed to deliver daily energy for performance, stamina and coat shine.

Blended from cold-pressed, virgin Australian sourced oils, Energy Gold is a slow release, non-fizzy source of omega fatty acids, offering natural anti-inflammatory benefits and improved muscular function, as well as enhancing coat and skin health for a glossy shine.

Energy Gold is garlic flavoured to please reluctant eaters and contains no preservatives or sugar, making it suitable for grain or sugar-sensitive horses and ponies as an energy source or coat conditioner.

Our Concept for Energy Gold

Dr John Kohnke’s special Energy Gold formulation provides a ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids that make it superior to other oils, such as linseed or flaxseed, which are only palatable in small amounts.

A specific balance of omega fatty acids can offer benefits for overall health including anti-inflammatory properties, and improvement in gastric, muscle and immune function. Energy Gold is also uniquely boosted with an optimal, fat-soluble source of vitamin E as an antioxidant for muscle and cellular function in exercising horses.

Energy Gold by Kohnke is specially designed to have flexible dosage rates with small amounts to encourage a show-winning shine and larger supplementation rates for cool energy.

Also available in a 5L - please get in contact with us for availability. 



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