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Vipa 1 Groundsman Body Protector Safety Vest

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Product Overview

Vipa I Groundsman Safety Vest

The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is designed for people working on the ground around animals / livestock. Barrier Attendants, vets, and staff working with cattle, yearlings and stallions use this vest. *It is not suitable for horse riders*. The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is also designed for people needing personal body protection when working as crowd control, e.g. security guards.

Recently the cattle industry are now starting to wear the VIPA Groundsman in the Stock Yards/Feed Lots and Truck Drivers.

The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is approved for use by barrier attendants / gate crew throughout the world.

The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector is constructed using Air Mesh, a lightweight material chosen for it’s strength, that allows for ventilation. The shock absorbing foam is especially designed with air holes that give extra airflow and ventilation for comfort.

The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector 15mm thickness is recommended for Barrier Attendants / Gate Crew. The VIPA Groundsman Body Protector 20mm thickness is recommended for the Cattle industry.

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