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Wintec Anatomic Dressage Girth with CAIR

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Wintec Anatomic Girth with CAIR

Research shows, girths have a significant impact on equine performance. Wintec girths are world renowned to be the most comfortable and durable girths available at unrivalled value for money.

Wintec girths ensure symmetrical give throughout the length of the girth for increased comfort as your horse works.

Wintec girths with CAIR are scientifically proven to dramatically improve the horse's comfort and performance.

  • AUS Eventer Shaun Dillion chooses to ride exclusively in high-performance Bates Saddles.
"As a competitive Eventer I demand a lot from my horses and gear, so when it comes to saddles I trust in Bates Saddles. The ease of adjustment is second to none, and the cushioning of my horses back, achieved with the CAIR Cushion System ensures a close and even contact in all three phases of eventing. In Dressage I ride in both the Bates Isabell and Bates Innova range, depending on the particular conformation and unique movement of the horse. In Show jumping and cross-country I choose to ride in the Bates Elevation+ and Bates Victrix, for a secure lower leg and a seat that gives a very centred and balanced position in both a two- and three-point seat. I also have seen major improvements in girthiness and a marked difference in movement when using girths with CAIR."
  • I've been using this girth for a few months now, and I'm very pleased with it! The ergonomic design of the girth itself is one of my favourites, and I genuinely prefer it since it evenly distributes pressure throughout the horse. It contains stainless steel roller buckles and a D ring in the centre of the girth for simple tightening. The Cair system is in the centre of the girth, which makes it more comfortable for my horse. The stirrup leathers are likewise packed away by the keepers. It's well-made and simple to clean. I always wipe it down after a ride, but I've discovered that a toothbrush works nicely on the grooved bottom for a thorough cleaning. The girth is synthetic and quite attractive. I also felt the arrows were a good addition for ensuring proper girth placement. 
  • Petey has worked amazingly in this girth.  He seems quite comfortable as we school, and it hugs him so I don’t have to worry about the girth loosening or slipping backwards during our ride.  I think this girth really aids in freedom of movement which is so helpful in dressage.


    I highly recommend this girth and encourage you to give it a try.  It quickly became one of my favourites and is perfect for daily use as well as for shows.

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